Carnitas Style Pulled Pork

It’s been a while but i’ve decided to update the ol blog, so carnitas is a mexican dish, usually referring to as ‘little meats’, but it’s not the dish we’re doing today, only the meat part of it, basically it’s made buy cooking meats in lard over a couple of hours, pretty the same process as you would use with a confit duck, it’s a really simple method but it terms of flavour, i’d choose it over any other style of pulled pork.

So for this recipe your going to need:

  • Pork Shoulder (around £10’s worth)
  • 4 packets of lard
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 3 clove of garlic
  • 1 lemon diced
  • sprig of thyme & rosemary each
  • fennel,coriander & cumin seeds
  • salt, pepper & smoked paprika

Step 1: Depending how you bought your meat, i’ve always found it’s better to cut it in half, find a new tall dish to place your meat in


Step 2: Place in all the ingredients except for the lard in with the meat


Step 3: Melt the lard in a pan or in the microwave and pour over the meat until it covers the top


Step 4: Tightly seal the meat with foil and place into the over at 140° for 3 hours


Step 5: After 3 hours the meat will be cooked until tender and all of the flavours will be infused (and it tastes awesome)


Step 6: Take the meat out of the lard and you’ll notice that the meat isn’t greasy or wet, this is because the lard helps lock in all the moisture and flavour within the meat so it becomes uber tender, keep the onions, garlic and lemon and mush them up in the meat for some amazing extra flavour


Step 7: Never ever chuck the lard away, let it cool and place it in a tub and use it again another day, the flavours will only keep building and building, so the meat is yours, do whatever you want with it, i don’t care



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