Pork Belly, Chorizo & Chickpea Casserole

I had a load of pork belly that needed to be used so i wanted to experiment with some ideas and came across a great recipe for a spanish inspired stew, to be honest, i’m getting bored of british stews nowadays so this one is a welcome break. 


  • 5 slices of pork belly
  • some chorizo 
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 can of tinned tomatoes
  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • some fresh rosemary and oregano
  • some fennel seeds
  • 1 large carrot and onion
  • teaspoon of chilli flakes 
  • 2 table spoons of tomato puree 
  • half a lemon


Step 1: Cut the fat off the pork and slice it into small pieces, put them in the casserole dish and brown the meat, when the meat is browned, take it out and put it into a separate dish but leave the juices, slice up your onion, carrot, chorizo, garlic and herbs and rosemary/oregano and cook them in the pork juices until they are also browned, reintroduce the pork meat and add in the tomato puree and a squeeze of lemon juice. 



Step 2: Put the can of chopped tomatoes in and an equal measure of water from the can, give it a stir, cover with a lid and put it into the oven at 160° for 1 hours and 45 minutes, 15 minutes before its ready, drain and wash the chickpeas and add them in as well, take it out, let it rest for 10 minutes and enjoy your lovely spanish influenced stew. 





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