Cheesy Garlic Mushroom Pockets

Christmas is coming and these little pockets are very easy to make, don’t taste half bad too.


  • bowl of mushrooms
  • puff pastry 
  • spice and herb mix (paprika, salt, pepper, thyme and sage) 
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cloves of garlic 
  • blow of grated cheese


Step 1: Chuck the mushrooms in an oven dish, with a garlic crusher, add the garlic in with the herbs and spices and coat with olive oil, mix it up and put into a pre heated oven at 200° for 15 minutes 



Step 2: Take the mushrooms out and put them to one side, flour a clean surface and roll out your puff pastry, using a cutter, find a size that is a little bit bigger than the mushrooms 


Step 3: Take the stalks out of the mushrooms, you’ll need 2 cuts out, place the mushroom on the pastry and add a little cheese on top, dab around the edges with some water and place the second cut out on top, sealing



Step 4: Whisk an egg and give each of the parcels a good coating, then just add some more cheese on top, place in the oven at 220° for 15 minutes, take them out, let them cool for 10 minutes and it’s all yours to consume 




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