Southern Fried Steak

Yes you heard right, steak not chicken, now bare with me on this one, i’ve always been into seeing what can be deep fried, hell even a deep fried mars bar tastes amazing, so i thought why not just try it with a steak? well give it a go, it’s good. 


herb & spice mix (chilli power, garlic power, salt, pepper, paprika, mixed herbs)

1 steak (any cut)

1 cup of self raising flower

1 cup of buttermilk (melt some butter in a pan, drop in a cup of milk and whisk it together)


Step 1: Take your steak and cut off the fat, we don’t need that, now grab some baking paper and create a fold over the steak, now grab something heavy and bash the shit out of it, flattening the steak into ones desired shape and in the process tenderising it 



Step 2: Get your herb & spice mix and rub it all over your newly flattened steak 


Step 3: Take your steak, drown it in the buttermilk and then place it in the flour and repeat again to give it a thick coating 


Step 4: Fill a pan with vegetable oil enough so it would cover half the steak, put it onto a high heat and place your steak into the pan, after 5 minutes turn it over and let it fry for another 5 minutes



Step 5: Enjoy your southern fried steak 



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