Candy Bacon

I think i had my first experience of candy bacon when i was in a diner in New York, seemed a staple to have your bacon covered in syrup and i loved it, considering how good it tastes, it takes the least amount of effort to make.


  • smoked bacon
  • unrefined brown sugar


Step 1: Pre heat your grill ready on high, line an oven tray with foil, cut up your bacon rashes in half and cover them in the brown sugar and put under the grill for 5 minutes


Step 2: Take the tray out, flip the bacon over, add more brown sugar and back under the grill again for another 5 minutes


Take 3: Take the tray out from under the grill, place the bacon on a plate and leave to cool in a fridge for around 2 hours


Step 4: When the bacon has turned rock hard and sticky, put it in a blender and grind away



Step 5: Dish it out and use it however you see fit, personally i like to keep it to sprinkle on literally everything, it tastes dam good too



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