Crunchie Nut Chocolate Bars

Chocolate, chocolate we all love chocolate, me more than most, i also love peanuts and crunchy bars, so why not transform them into some kind of ultimate chocolate bar to fill my needs? 


  • Bowl full of peanuts
  • 2 large bars of your favourite brand chocolate
  • 4 crunchie bars
  • 3oz butter 


Step 1: Into the pan goes the chocolate (broken up) with the butter and put on a low heat



Step 2: Stirring slowly, it should melt down, never have it on a high heat otherwise it will burn and stick to the pan


Step 3: Break up your 4 crunchies into the peanuts, nice and chunky


Step 4: Chuck the peanut mixture into the melted chocolate and stir through thoroughly


Step 5: Grease an oven tray with butter and use baking paper to mould around the corners and in goes the mixture, spread it out to make sure it’s even


Step 6: Put it into the fridge for around 3 hours, until the chocolate has gone hard again, flip it over and use the baking paper to pull it out, it should fall out as one big slab of chocolate


Step 7: Cut it into chocolate size pieces and they are all yours to eat, enjoy



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