Hot Ass Chilli Power

Not so much a recipe, more how to create a great ingredient, for all you spice heads, what a better way to enjoy it than having your own homemade chilli power.

Step 1: Go any supermarket and pick up some fresh chillies, place them in the warmest room in your house, i.e utility room, airing cupboard and leave them there for about 2 months


Step 2: These are chillies around 3 weeks in, don’t be put off by the marks and strange colours, thats just them drying up


Step 3: After around 2 months your chilli should have completely dried out, changed colour and halved in size, now they are ready for you to blend!


Step 4: After blending your dried chillies, they should resembled a powdered texture and there you have your own homemade chilli power to add to any recipe (warning though, after i blended them and lifted the lid, the fumes choked me half to death)



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